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Westvleteren 12

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Oh the lovely days in Belgium drinking only the fairest of gods great nectar’s. Westvleteren 12 stands tall in the world of amazing beers. Here’s to wishing you all get to try one some day. Cheers!

Archbishop C

Beerssert – Chimay Grand Reserve

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Many years ago as the brothers sat and drank Chimay together Archbishop C was enlightened by the spirits and dubbed the heavenly delicacy Beerssert. Not just beer or a dessert, rather a perfect blend of both. The word beer had to be maintained in whole as the Trappist monks whom created Chimay understood the essence of the gift from the highest powers to man. Yet something more than just a beer. A testament to greatness so astonishingly good that a dessert aspect had to have been used to finish the full description of what was shared from a bottle of magnificence. This is when the word Beerssert was first coined and Copyrighted © 2010 – Monk Brewery by the brothers on this very site!

Archbishop C and Bishop D

Westvlateren 12

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After some initial evaluation, scientific research and deep reflection I would definitely have to agree that this beer represents one of the worlds greatest beeristic treasures. Whether it’s a late evening snack or an early morning breakfast the Westvlateren 12 has to be considered one of the best beers I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Is it worth the price equivalent to almost 4 Chimay blues? Considering the availability I would say:

The rare experience drinking a Westvlateren 12 offered a tremendous value within the lived adventure.

However with that said, if forced to make a daily choice I would drink a Chimay Grand Reserve with the peace of mind knowing it is one of the best two beers mankind has perfected – at what I consider a reasonable price. In Belgium the price comparison is Chimay $3,60 and Westvlateren 12 sits at a step $15,00 a bottle.

Archbishop C