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Beerssert, Beerzert or Beersert?

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Beersset is defined as the integration of two words – Beer and Dessert (Bishop C, 2010). Of course, the proper combination of the two words might have led one to consider Beersert or even Beerzert (approved alternte spellings). Assuming for a moment that some rely on phonetics to spell while enjoying a few brews.

Beerssert was born one evening while the Brothers sat happily and completely content after consuming a few Chimay Grand Reserves. Smiling and giggling to himself,  Bishop C looked deep into his class as he held it up to a lamp and proclaimed the charished nectar “Beerssert.”

Ah yes, the wisdom shared by Bishop C can be quite enlightening †


Bishop, C. (2010). BeerssertBeerzertBeerssert. Shared in personal reflections July 2010 within Monk Abbey. Retrieved online @

Trappist Monks – Chimay Grand Reserve

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Is there anything better then a delightfully delicious bottle of Chimay Grand Reserve?

Worshiped this weekend came with a heavenly taste. Surprised that such a perfect creation could come in a bottle, I savored the well rounded fruity taste in awe at what true trappist genius have been able to assemble. Such wonderful inspiration should be shared by all brew lovers everywhere. Run out and get yourself some today. Can heaven on earth last forever? Unfortunately no, for my bottle has ran dry.

May the grandest of beers be always with you!

Bishop C

Vintage Chophouse in Calgary – Creemore Springs

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The only beer they make that is very tasty lager that looks lite, but has a rich and full taste, but not hoppie or too IPA. It is a red shaded golden with a very good frothy top and holds that head all the way down the pint!

Final Logo

This was a recomendation of the tender at Vintage Chophouse in Calgary over Traditional ale.

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May your next brew give you a frothy mustache!

Pappa J †