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TRiNiTY Brewing Company, Colorado Springs CO.

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Bishop C and Pappa J…first brew pub meeting of the Monk Brewery

TRiNiTY Brewery is just about a year old, per the web site over on West Garden of the Gods, just past Centennial on the right. TRiNiTY is not the usual hard seated brewery, but more of a relaxed emporium of brews with a good food selection. Last night (Tuesday – 9/22/2009) there was a live band that performed and a good showing of patrons at the bar and in the very comfy back area where couches and chairs are available for your drinking pleasure.

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The Bishop and I both had one of the marquee selections, Awaken on nitro (you can get it on CO2…just not as smooth) along with a bowl of the signature Beer Cheese soup. The beer is a dark stout without a strong bite that most people would likely enjoy. Most people seem to stay away from stouts because of the strong aftertaste and thickness, yet the Awaken is more of a stronger Bock than a stout from my perception. The Beer Cheese soup was good…a couple of notes, it was not as hot as I would have liked and as the Bishop mentioned, “the soup needed some fresh cracked pepper.”

Overall the experience was enlightening and enjoyable. The Bishop and I will be returning at some point to taste all the marquee brews to single out a favorite of the month, so stay tuned!

To visit the TRiNiTY web site, see below. It is a little slow and way busy, but has good information for those who would like to venture out for a brew.

TRiNiTY Brewing Company

May your next brew give you a frothy mustache

Pappa J