Farewell Brother T.

To all the loyal followers of the Monks,

We have been absent for way too long. We know many of our followers have been wanting to know what the Monks have been doing for almost a year or if the brothers have been too soused to even write continued reviews. Well, the trust be, the Monks have been carrying on with life and going to school. The most noble pursuit of learning and self enhancement, much the same as the monks of the past!

Beginning in March, the Monks will be back with new and exciting reviews. We hope to begin a weekly update on breweries we have attended or brews we have tried over the previous week. We will be sharing and participating in monthly beer dinners, combining food with new or experimental brews, and attending new seminars on brewery science and the nutrition of beer. There will also be open discussions in our forum for those who agree…or disagree to voice their opinions in a free and unedited format. Please share your thoughts on how the Monks are doing and if you feel we should try anything you believe would could enhance our experiences.

Stay tuned for the first big review …Chimay Belgium… Pappa J and the Sisters had the honor to meet the monks at the Scourmont Abbey in Chimay and would like to share our gratefulness for the tour and the advise. They also made it to the Ferme Des 4 Saisons where we were made to feel at home and met some very, very nice people and had a great dinner (purchasing some souvenirs- aperitif brews). We will post some pictures of the trip also for those interested.

Bishop C and Pappa J are back in the abbey and ready to preach the benefits of the grand ales given as a sign of a greater power. Yes…BEER!!!

Brothers at Abbey

May you grace the heavens and always protect us from above!