Welcome to Monk Brewery

Monk Brewery

Offered for your consideration is a brief description of our philosophies:

Simply shared, the term Agnostic (“without knowing”) can be applied across a wide spectrum concerning understanding others beliefs. Why should it matter? Why judge? Believe, question, or disbelieve the simple fact is we all share the same opportunity to improve the world in which we participate. Everyone is welcome to foster kindness and appreciation towards other members.

This prospective affords us the opportunity to associate with similar-minded souls, while attempting to avoid those who do not share the same purpose. If you are so enlightened – welcome to this humble community.

Monk Brewery is a haven for those within the human brotherhood who wish to discover and share personal brew pub experiences throughout the world.

Typically, the monks will discuss everything related to the pursuit of heavenly brewing throughout the United States. However, occasionally we will also post special pub reviews when on a pilgrimage to a brewery outside our normal area.

Please, feel welcome to join the conversation with your personal experiences and/or suggestions of those delightfully delicious recipes and locations we have not yet discovered.