Monk Brewery Reviews

TRiNiTY Brewing Company, Colorado Springs CO.

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A friend recommended we start our reviews at Trinity Brewing Company.

The first thing I did was jump out to so that I could learn the location for my first official visit. Wow, talk about slow. Just because you can do some crazy things with website technology does not mean you should. The site is extremely slow to open the home page. Odd enough I could not find an easy map or directions; however, I could find an address. A quick leap over to MapQuest provided what I wanted.

The location is great – with easy access off the primary street and plenty of parking. Some years back when MCI was in full swing this location would have made the place. Now days I’m not sure about the traffic in that location.

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As a walked into the building, the essence of a brewpub danced through my senses. There is nothing else quite like on sight brewing to entice a beer lovers sense of smell. My eyes scanned the environment seeking the perfect location to establish my temporary domain. A long welcoming bar sat to the left with high top tables and stools to the right. Since I was here to discuss reviews and meeting a friend, I wanted something a little more private and comfortable. Walking to the back of the pub provided what I was looking for. There I found several couches with long lower tables and a single high top in the corner. I selected a couch and sat down to experience the atmosphere.

I was told TRiNITY had WiFi for customers; therefore, I had planned to bring my PC to test the theory. While looking for a power outlet a gentleman got up from a meeting he was involved in on another couch and informed me that power could be found behind the couch I was sitting on. Quickly I was online and able to begin creating this review.

Almost as quickly as I had been provided a comfortable seat, power outlet, and internet access, a tall young woman offered to fetch me a cold beer of my selection. Being a dark beer lover, I inquired about their options. She said they offered a wonderful brew called AWAKEN and assured me it was good. Moments later, she returned with my beer.

I found the beer as delightful as the establishment.

TRiNiTY Brewing Company

May your deity be with you as you enjoy brewed creations

Bishop C

Rockyard Brewing Company, Castle Rock CO.

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The monks travels took them to the Rockyard Brewing Company in Castle Rock Colorado in search of the award winning Drunken Uncle Dunkel Weizen.

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According to the Rockyard website:

"Our dark Weizen beer is brewed with roasted wheat to usher in the fall. Characteristic banana and clove flavors meld with toasted wheat for a complex, yet mild German classic."

The Monks certainly enjoyed the devine flavors until retiring back to the Abbey feeling much better then when they departed on their pilgrimage. At a nice 5.5% the brew was well worth the trip. In the words of one simlple monk after polishing off his fair share – "Wow, I feel a bit tipsey."

Rockyard Brewing Company

I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy this heavenly delicious pleasure. Just don’t wait to long or you might miss out.

Brother C