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Beerssert, Beerzert or Beersert?

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Beersset is defined as the integration of two words – Beer and Dessert (Bishop C, 2010). Of course, the proper combination of the two words might have led one to consider Beersert or even Beerzert (approved alternte spellings). Assuming for a moment that some rely on phonetics to spell while enjoying a few brews.

Beerssert was born one evening while the Brothers sat happily and completely content after consuming a few Chimay Grand Reserves. Smiling and giggling to himself,  Bishop C looked deep into his class as he held it up to a lamp and proclaimed the charished nectar “Beerssert.”

Ah yes, the wisdom shared by Bishop C can be quite enlightening †


Bishop, C. (2010). BeerssertBeerzertBeerssert. Shared in personal reflections July 2010 within Monk Abbey. Retrieved online @

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