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Westvlateren 12

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After some initial evaluation, scientific research and deep reflection I would definitely have to agree that this beer represents one of the worlds greatest beeristic treasures. Whether it’s a late evening snack or an early morning breakfast the Westvlateren 12 has to be considered one of the best beers I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Is it worth the price equivalent to almost 4 Chimay blues? Considering the availability I would say:

The rare experience drinking a Westvlateren 12 offered a tremendous value within the lived adventure.

However with that said, if forced to make a daily choice I would drink a Chimay Grand Reserve with the peace of mind knowing it is one of the best two beers mankind has perfected – at what I consider a reasonable price. In Belgium the price comparison is Chimay $3,60 and Westvlateren 12 sits at a step $15,00 a bottle.

Archbishop C

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