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Squatters Pub and Brewery, Salt Lake City UT

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First beer was the Captain Bastards Oatmeal Stout. On the menu it is listed as "smooth as silk, brim full of flavor with a big roasted malt finish." I found the beer to have a flavorful start yet the roasted malt finish tasted like burnt malt. The person beside me said they thought it tasted like a strong dark chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, but I felt the aftertaste could have been better.

Next on the list was the Emigration Amber Ale "medium bodied, amber ale brewed with whole flower cascade hops." this one came out nice and amber with a frothy head! The first taste was like sticking my nose in a hop flower… very aromatic and the taste was sweet hops!

Finally, under the recommendation of the menu and having Carnitas, the Organic Amber Ale was a selection. As I sit in the dining area beside the bar, I see that the organic amber ale was the 2007 beer winner…not sure who made the selection, but this brother is willing to try it to see how god it really is.

Ok, I did not know what I was expecting from "Utah’s first organic beer", but that probably was not it. I have to admit, it tasted a lot like the emigration amber ale. I will say that it was a little smoother on the finish and not as hoppy, but this monk does not know why a pub would have two brews that are so closely aligned? Well, as you would expect, it was tasty…I felt like it was a repeat! I suppose it is for the better living monks who do not like preservatives in their brews?

After three of the queens pints, this monk left full and a little tipsy. I would have to call Squatters a pub I would definitely make another visit too and try more of the large selection of site brewed beers… two thumbs up!

Final Logo

Squatters Pub and Brewery

Oh, try the Carnitas!

May your next beer give you a frothy mustache

Pappa J

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