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Belgium Beer Weekend -Edition 16

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As I traveled back to the origins of the worlds top Trappist-en brewers I found myself right in the heart of Brussels. The grand palace square from September 5-7th was teaming with life. connoisseurs from around the world gathered to celebrate and share in Belgium’s beer traditions. I bought my fair share of tokens (Bottle Caps) that allowed me to sample several great Belgium beers while anonymously mingling in the crowd. A rumor spread about a very select beer surfacing just outside the square at small pub. Ask for it specifically I was told – Westvleteren 12. I was told to hurry as a sighting of such delights was extremely rare.

I followed the advise and set off to the pub. The waitress was very surprised when I asked for the treasure. She paused and informed the beer was 15 euro a bottle. Yes, the best things in life aren’t always free I replied. She asked me to take a seat and informed me she would find me. I sat outside in the warm open air full of anticipation. What manor of treat could be so cherished that it whispered in the air through the quiet voices of the crowd? After a few minutes the cold bottle, opener and glass arrived.

Archbishop C

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