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Bottlescrew Bills Old English Pub in Calgary

Posted by Papa J on August 23rd, 2010 | Permanent Link | 5 Comments »

Pappa J is on the road again… This time sitting at Bottlescrew Bills Old English Pub in Calgary Alberta Canada on a Wednesday night.

Decided to have a French Oinion soup (I am a sucker for a good soup with my beer). The soup was really interesting … not the best this monk has had, but the fresh sliced onions and a bit of chedar on top really worked well.

Well, the first selection for the night is Wild Rose Brewery’s Brown Ale (recommended as the best in the house by tender). The brown ale is very tasty , sweet even with a touch of hops in he aftertaste , but not too much.  I would compare it to a darker (better than) Newcastle.  Has a bite on the front end but after two…going down smooth.

Oh, by the way also hade the Son of a B*%sh stew – that is AWESOME!!

May your next brew give you a frothy mustache

Pappa J †

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  5. matt Says:

    makes me want to drink more alcoholic beverages 🙂

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